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An International Basketball Tour Guaranteed to Exceed your Expectations!

Our mission is to provide a premier basketball travel experience that exceeds team's expectations and provides players and coaches with memories that will last a lifetime.

Premier International Tours is with you every step of the way in creating and organizing your team's tour from the initial planning stages to follow up evaluation after the tour. Premier International Tours even offers support in fundraising for the tour and administration support leading up to the tour including setting up and handling payments for your group.

Premier International Tours has been organizing international tours for North American sports teams to Europe, South America, and Asia for over 30 years. Each year, many college basketball teams travel to destinations throughout Europe and South America  with Premier International Tours and they compete internationally. A number of superb basketball travel destinations for men's and women's college basketball programs are presented under the "Destinations and Tour Information" tab.

Premier International Tours has a wealth of experience working with college programs of all levels, from top Division I colleges to NAIA colleges.

With Premier International Tours, there is no such a thing as a standard basketball tour - a "take it or leave it" situation. Your basketball tour is too important for you and your team to settle for a "one size fits all" package.

With Premier International Basketball Tours, you will discover how a love for basketball truly unites the world!

International Basketball Destinations

With a variety of tour destinations, Premier International Tours provides basketball teams from all over North America the opportunity to discover the world of international basketball and people and cultures across the globe. One of the special aspects that set us apart from other tour companies is our flexibility to allow you to design your own basketball tour that fits perfectly with your teams needs. You can select the place you want to go and the level you want to compete at and we will make all of the arrangements necessary to meet your needs.

We offer basketball games against opponents of comparable basketball ability, excellent facilities for daily practice, visits to pro basketball games, and sightseeing excursions, all designed and tailored by you!

What your college or youth basketball team can expect on your tour:
  • A first class basketball tour
  • Competition against basketball teams of appropriate level for your college basketball program
  • Quality  facilities available for daily practice
  • Affordable yet suitable accommodations at all of our international basketball travel destinations
  • An excellent balance of basketball development and exciting cultural sightseeing activities for your team
International Basketball Tour and Travel Options for College or Youth Basketball Teams:
Basketball Tour 8702 Paris (4 nights) - London (4 nights) From US$ 1650
Basketball Tour 8402 London (4 nights) – Edinburgh (4 nights) From US$ 1700
Basketball Tour 8202 Florence (4 nights) – Munich (4 nights) From US$ 1750
Basketball Tour 8203 Munich (4 nights) – Venice (4 nights) From US$ 2000
Baskteball Tour 8701 Barcelona (4 nights) – Cannes (4 nights) From US$ 1800
Basketball Tour 8101 Amsterdam (4 nights) – Brussels (4 nights) From US$ 1700
Basketball Tour 8602 Amsterdam (4 nights) - Cologne (4 nights) From US$ 1600
Basketball Tour 8302 Amsterdam (4 nights) – London (4 nights) From US$ 1750
Basketball Tour 8301 London (5 nights) – Chester (3 nights) From US$ 1600
Basketball Tour 8501 Barcelona (7 nights) From US$ 1427
Basketball Tour 8502 Barcelona (4 nights) – Madrid (3 nights) From US$ 1635
Basketball Tour 8801 Buenos Aires Argentina (7 nights)   From US$ 1600 **
** From Miami    

The above international basketball tours are just a selection of international basketball travel options available for men's and women's college basketball programs. We can combine different international travel destinations and create a customized basketball tour for your college program based upon the needs and wishes of your team.

International Basketball Tour Program

The program will be organized according to the needs and wants of your basketball team. Premier International Tours will select the most suitable basketball opponents for your exhibition games.

Sight-seeing and Excursions on your Basketball Tour

Premier International Tours will prepare a custom-designed program for each tour and travel destination. Admission fees for certain tourist attractions are not included. We offer numerous cultural travel recommendations and can book special requests for your basketball team.

Basketball Travel Assistance

At each basketball tour and travel destination you will be hosted by a local, bilingual Premier International Tours basketball tour representative to ensure that your team will fully enjoy their stay.

All basketball tour and basketball travel price indications published in this brochure are based on 40 participants per group from New York or Toronto (and Miami where noted) and do not include airport taxes or fuel surcharges. For smaller groups, the price can be adjusted accordingly.

 Premier International Tours would like to thank photographer Willem Vernes (www.willemvernes.nl) for the publication of the international basketball team photos utilized throughout this website.

If you want to learn more about international basketball travel with your team, please call us at  (800) 724-6076 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may also click here to submit your information for our basketball tour agent in your area to contact you today.

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Premier International Tours offers over 100 basketball travel destinations globally.

One of the special aspects of International basetball tours and basketball travel with Premier International Tours is the chance to design a basketball tour that fits perfectly with your girls soccer team or boys soccer team objectives.

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