2020 Fraser Valley Select 06 Boys Spain Tour

March 14-22, 2020

A+ rating Better Business Bureau 

Sanctioned by the United Soccer Coaches  

Before you book:

  • Your Tour Proposal (Download)

  • General (Cancellation) Conditions and General Information (Download) We strongly advise all participants to read these conditions to avoid any misunderstandings.

  • Fundraising ​

After you have booked:

  • Your Tour Confirmation
    We have created a detailed tour confirmation - click here to download. It is very important that all travelers review this document carefully. 

  • Your payment schedule 
    April 22, 2019 CAD 200.00 per person deposits
    June 1, 2019 CAD 300.00 per person
    August 1, 2019 CAD 300.00 per person
    October 1, 2010 CAD 300.00 per person
    December 1, 2020 CAD 300 per person
    January 6, 2020 Balance due  

  • Important information regarding your payment
    Your group can make (bi) monthly payment installments to pay for the tour. The payment installments have been discussed between Premier International Tours and your manager and/or coach. These installments can be made/paid via wire transfer to our Canadian bank account. 

  • Communication Structure
    ​We encourage that your group assigns one person (manager or coach) who will be the main contact of Premier International Tours. This person should always be copied in on all communications with Premier International Tours. Your Premier International Tours contact is Mike Stebbins - Please always copy in when e-mailing Mike. Our telephone number is (800) 724-6076. 

  • Insurance
    ​We strongly encourage your participants to purchase travel and cancellation interruption insurance. Please click here to get detailed information about the policy of Travel Insured. Follow the instructions as per PDF file. Your coach or team manager will check with all travelers if they want to purchase insurance.  Please click here for the student policy enrollment form and please click here for the adult policy enrollment form. 

  • Day by Day Itinerary
    ​Please click here for the final itinerary.

  • Emergency contacts
    ​At each destination and/or tournament, Premier International Tours has (its own) tournament or local staff available to assist you.
    A special phone line will be available for airline issues. The number will be shared with your team manager later on.
    Lastly, Premier International Tours is available as well 7 days a week (from 7:30AM - 10:30PM Mountain Standard Time) (720) 607-0783. 


  • Important Deadlines

  • 110 days before departure:   
    1. We encourage you to start working on your passport. Passports need to be valid 6 months from your return date. More information about passports and visas can be found at our Tour Preparation Guide - click here.  

    2. Premier International Tours has a Tour Preparation Guide available. Please click here for all information you need to know.


  • 100 days before departure:
    Youth teams traveling internationally are requested to get a Provincial Soccer Federation Permission to Travel. If you have not started the process, please do so now. More information about this can be found on our website - click here


  • 90 days before departure:
    This is one of the most important deadlines for your tour. By this date we cannot accept 1. any additional people 2. any deviation requests. By this date we need to know as well special meal requests like vegetarian, gluten free, etc.   
    We will contact the coach and/or manager to reconfirm the number of people traveling, to get the official names (as per your passport or birth certificate including middle names) and DOB.  We will ask your manager and/or coach as well to fill out a so called Team Profile Form (for friendly games tours only) and to create a rooming list.  


  • 80 days before departure:    
    Please make sure you read the ground transportation inclusions and the role of your guide - see Your Tour Confirmation above.          


  • 70 days before departure:      
    1. We have informed your coach and/or manager about possible excursions (not available for some of tournaments) your group can prebook. Now is a good time to get this finalized. 
    2. Did you think about a gift for the opposing team(s)? We encourage your group to have team pennants for the opposing teams. Any other gift will be appreciated as well.  


  • 60 days before departure:
    We need to have all signed waivers e-mailed back to us.  Please click here to access our waiver forms.  


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