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University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Men's Soccer

International Soccer Tour 2024

Germany - Munich and Cologne

March 14-23, 2024

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and BBB Torch Award Recipient

International Tour Partner of US Club Soccer and organizer of US Club Soccer National id2 Team Tours



We are excited that your group has booked an international tour with Premier International Tours. This website will serve as the main hub of all important information about the tour and should be shared with all travelers. We highly recommend that all travelers review this team website and bookmark this page in their browser.

Final Day by Day Itinerary (Download)

Linked here is your final day by day itinerary.


Your Tour Confirmation (Download) - IMPORTANT
This detailed tour confirmation has all the important detailed information about the tour such as tour dates, flight information, accommodation and meals, transportation, excursion options, etc.  

To see the provisional tour itinerary for your group see the section below "Your Original Tour Proposal".

Important Deadlines - These deadlines are in place to ensure the success of your group's tour. Missing these deadlines can have consequences on the tour booking (cancellation fees, no air or hotel availability, etc.).


November 15, 2023:

1. Excursions: Excursions need to be chosen and booked by this day (see Your Tour Confirmation for more information about the excursions we offer). Book your excursion (not available for the tournaments). Please note that most pre-booked excursions are non-refundable. More information about excursion options can be found in your Tour Confirmation document on this website (see above). Now is the time to get this finalized. We cannot accept any changes and/or additions after this deadline. 

2. Team Profile and Roster Form (for friendly games tours) Download: We need this form before this deadline so we can inform our local staff better about the level of your team.  

3. Rooming list : After the tour is confirmed by the airline and ground suppliers, this rooming list will be available here - Download - so you can start assigning rooms. For room types/configuration: See the tour confirmation on the website specifically designed for your group. Please make sure you add double or twin rooms next to each room so we can request this with the hotel. Please be aware that most rooms in the rest of the world are smaller than the rooms in the USA and it is exceptional if hotels outside the USA have king rooms available. 

4. Tour Preparation Guide: Premier International Tours has a Tour Preparation Guide available. Please click here for all information you need to know.

5. Gifts for opposing teams: Did you think about a gift for the opposing team(s)? We encourage your group to have team pennants for the opposing teams. It is not mandatory or expected to exchange anything, but it is customary for the captains to exchange pennants or some sort of club keepsake and it is optional for the rest of the players to exchange something (patch, pin, pennant, etc.).

December 15, 2023:

This is the final deadline for your group to make changes, book additional people, etc. Please note that after this date we cannot accept any additional people.

Your Original Tour Proposal (Download)
This was your original tour proposal. Based on this proposal your tour has been booked. 

General Participation Agreement, General Conditions (including our cancellation policy and group and individual cancellation fees) and General Information (Download
This document has been shared already with you when we forwarded the group the Tour Proposal. It is mandatory that all participants read these conditions to avoid any misunderstandings. Note about the tour costs: The tour costs are based on the exchange rate of the US$ towards the Euro and British Pound. Fluctuations of the exchange rates of all involved currencies can affect the tour costs. In addition to this, we reserve the right to increase the participant prices in case of an increase in airport (security) taxes and/or fuel surcharges for the airlines.

Individual Waiver and Release (Click here to sign
We require a signed waiver from ALL travelers (players, staff, family members, supporters, etc.) to be e-mailed back to us upon booking of the tour, at the latest by September 1st, 2023.  Legal guardian/parent of any traveler who is a minor must also sign the last page of this waiver (in addition to the traveler signing the waiver). 


Premier International Tours has designed a fundraising program for groups from groups including our 2024 Soccer Tour Fundraiser - Win two airline tickets from any destination in North America to Western Europe. Value of this trip is approximately $ 3,000.00. More information click here.


Please note that our primary focus and goal is to organize a perfect tour for your group. Therefore, we must set some rules for the payments to avoid spending more time managing individual payment requirements than the group’s tour arrangements. To avoid any misunderstanding, the $200.00 deposit per person is non-refundable under any circumstances.  

Your group’s payment schedule and how to make payments.
$ 200.00 non-refundable deposits with booking
$ 600.00 per person on or before September 12, 2023
$ 600.00 per person on or before November 8, 2023
Balance due per person on or before January 27, 2024

Each payment installment must be made as one group payment on behalf of all paying travelers via wire transfer or check(s). Your group needs to assign a person to collect individual payments/checks from all travelers. Then the assigned group contact will mail us a check/the checks or wire payment (from one account) as per payment schedule. We will give the assigned group contact instructions and information on how to wire the funds if your group wants to wire payment. Your group/group contact will be reimbursed for any wire fees incurred.

As per our General Conditions, PIT reserves the right to cancel the agreement and charge cancellation fees should there be non-fulfillment of payments, as per the payment schedule, by the group or any individuals from the group. 

Communication Structure
One person (manager or coach) will be the main contact of Premier International Tours. This person should always be copied in on all communications with Premier International Tours.

Travel Protection (travel insurance)

We strongly encourage your participants to consider purchasing travel protection, which may include Accident and Sickness Medical Expense, Trip Cancellation, and Trip Interruption coverage. We offer the option to purchase travel protection with our partner Travel Insured. Plan costs are calculated on a variety of factors such as the type of plan selected, age of the traveler(s) and tour cost. Please note that this is supplemental travel protection offered through a 3rd party, Travel Insured. As such, any purchase, and applicable terms and conditions of any purchase, are solely between Travel Insured and the purchaser/traveler, NOT Premier International Tours. 
Travel Insured has a Worldwide Trip Protector Plan which is a plan that includes trip cancellation (for reasons specifically listed within the policy/plan), trip interruption, baggage and medical benefits. This plan also offers the option to add Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, which includes trip cancellation for any reason, including reasons not listed within the policy/plan
. CFAR coverage is up to 75% of the prepaid, nonrefundable trip cost (subject to $10,000 maximum). With CFAR you must cancel your trip 48 hours or more prior to scheduled departure. For trips that do not have any prepaid, nonrefundable expenses, CFAR is not available. This CFAR benefit through Travel Insured is not available to residents of New York State and additional cost and terms apply.

Travelers can purchase travel protection individually or as families. Click here to see plan details, price out and purchase the travel protection.

The travel protection plan that offers CFAR benefit requires that individuals/travelers purchase this optional benefit within 21 days of the date the initial payment or deposit for the tour is received.  Once we process your group’s trip deposit(s), we will notify your team manager to notify the group so your travelers know when the 21-day window start to purchase the travel protection with CFAR.

Emergency contacts
​At each destination and/or tournament, Premier International Tours has its own tournament staff available to assist you. Secondly Premier International Tours is available 24/7 in case of emergencies. (Mainly when you are dealing with issues within the USA or matters you cannot resolve with our local – at your destination - staff)

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