France Soccer and Sightseeing

France was one of the four European teams that participated at the inaugural FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in 1930 and are one of eight national soccer teams to have won the competition. France's national soccer team has also won two UEFA European Soccer Championships, winning the first in 1984, led by Ballon d'Or winner Michel Platini, and the most recent in 2000, led by three time FIFA World Player of the Year Zinedine Zidane. France's Women's National Team also made a strong statement recently for its place as a women's soccer power by advancing to the quarter finals in the most recent Women's World Cup. Quality soccer on both the men's and women's side makes France a great destination for youth, college and adult soccer travel teams!

Paris is more than just a capital; it is truly the social, cultural and sporting center of France. Of course, the FFF (French Soccer Association) has its headquarters here, with its national training center nearby. The city boasts many soccer clubs as well, including the world famous soccer club Paris St. Germain. Paris is filled with historic buildings, grand monuments like the Eiffel Tower, world-famous museums like the Louvre, and wide boulevards, so there is never a shortage of things to do or see in Paris for soccer teams traveling here.


The entire Mediterranean Sea offers spectacular coastal scenery, but perhaps the most magnificent of all is in southeast France. The mountains of the Alps meet the deep blue sea; hence the name "Côte d'Azur". Many jet-setters have residences here, giving it glamour and glitz, European style. But the area is also a hotbed for soccer. As some of the best soccer is played in the cities of Marseille, Cannes and Nice, but nearly every inland village has a club too. Premier International Tours has a 30-year track record in the Côte d'Azur. The special Mediterranean ambiance makes a visit here quite worthwhile for soccer teams to travel to.

France program highlights and sights:
  • Play games vs. local French teams

  • Sightseeing in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Champs-Elysees

  • Sightseeing in the South of France including Nice, Cannes and Monaco – visit the beautiful beaches of the South of France

  • Visit stadiums and/or matches of pro teams like Paris St. Germain

Mention France and many North Americans think of the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees and The Louvre. Most North Americans do not realize France is also a world soccer power. France is indeed a country of many faces, and connoisseurs know them all. There is Paris, one of Europe's most exciting capitals; the legendary vineyards of Burgundy; snow-capped Mont Blanc, the highest mountain on the continent, and Cannes, playground of the French Riviera. That's why we don't say that we offer a program in France, but rather a program in Paris or at the Côte d'Azur. And everywhere, of course, there is soccer.


Soccer Clinic Options:


Have your team train extensively with the world's top educated coaches. We offer the option for teams to train with international coaches from the FFF and Paris Saint Germain.

All Inclusive Tour examples 
All Inclusive Tour 8701
France/Nice and Spain/Barcelona

Day 1     Departure from the USA or Canada
Day 2     Arrival Nice, transfer to accommodation
Day 3     Tour Nice, evening game
Day 4     Morning optional training, visit Cannes
Day 5     Day trip to Monaco, evening game
Day 6     Transfer to Barcelona
Day 7     Tour the Costa Brava near Barcelona, evening game
Day 8     Morning optional training, visit to the sacred mountain of Montserrat
Day 9     Sightseeing Barcelona including visit to the Nou Camp stadium, evening game
Day 10   Transfer to Barcelona airport, return flight


Participant Prices:
Starting at US$1700 per person March-April departure
Starting at US$2100 per person June-August departure

All Inclusive Tour 8702
France/Paris and England/London


Day 1     Departure from the USA or Canada
Day 2     Arrival Paris airport, transfer to accommodation
Day 3     Sightseeing Paris. Evening game
Day 4     Morning optional field available for training, visit Versaille
Day 5     Visit Fontainebleau or more sightseeing in Paris, evening game
Day 6     Transfer to London
Day 7     Sightseeing Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle, evening game
Day 8     Morning optional training, sightseeing in London
Day 9     Additional sightseeing London, evening game
Day 10   Transfer to London airport, return flight


Participant Prices:
Starting at US$2200 per person March-April departure
Starting at US$2600 per person June-August departure

Prices are based on departure from New York, with 40 people traveling and do not include airport taxes or fuel surcharges which are approx. $ 250.00 - $ 350.00 per person. Contact us for a detailed price quote and itinerary. 


Please see the "General Information" tab under the "About Us" section on the website to see other price inclusions.

"What a fantastic trip! We just returned from a 9-day tour that coincided with the start of the World Cup. Between college, club, and coaching excursions, this was my tenth time travelling with Premier, and they always provide an experience that is fun and meaningful to my teams, my staff, and myself. Loek, Mike, and their crew are the pinnacle of professionalism, and will go the extra mile to enhance their tours. I would strongly recommend Premier International Tours to anyone looking to explore other soccer cultures and connect with soccer people around the world. As my players and I parted ways back in the US, one of them summed it up: “Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!” Thanks, Premier, for another fantastic foreign tour. We’re already looking forward to the next one."

Peter Kim – Head Coach Middlebury College Women’s Soccer Team

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