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Our mission is to provide a premier soccer travel experience that exceeds team's expectations and provides players and

coaches with memories that will last a lifetime.

Premier International Tours has been organizing international soccer tours for North American teams to Europe, South America, and the Caribbean for over 30 years. We are the only soccer travel organization in North America whose international soccer tours are fully sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation and the United Soccer Coaches.


With Premier International Tours, there is no such a thing as a standard soccer tour - a "take it or leave it" situation. Your soccer tour is too important for you and your team to settle for a "one size fits all" package.

With Premier International Soccer Tours, you will discover how a love for soccer truly unites the world!

International Soccer Tournaments

An international soccer tour to Europe or South America is something your soccer team will remember forever. One of the best ways to experience the worlds sport is by participating in a festive international tournament. Every soccer tournament that we provide offers a total soccer culture immersion.


With our soccer tours, you can enjoy the thrill of competing against other teams from all over the world as well as Olympic-style opening ceremonies, sightseeing and social events.


Your players will have a chance to fulfill a soccer dream: to represent your club, your town and your country in a major soccer tournament on International soil.

International Soccer Destinations


With over 30+ tour destinations, Premier International Tours has provided soccer teams from all over North America the opportunity to discover the world of international soccer and people and cultures across the globe.


One of the special aspects that set us apart from other tour companies is our flexibility to allow you to design your own soccer tour that fits perfectly with your teams needs.

You can select the place you want to go and the level you want to compete at and we will make all of the arrangements necessary to meet your needs.


We offer soccer matches against opponents of comparable soccer ability, excellent fields for daily training, visits to pro soccer matches, and sightseeing excursions, all designed and tailored by you!

General Soccer Tour and Soccer Travel Information


The International Soccer Tour Program


The soccer tour and soccer travel program will be organized according to the needs and wants of your girls soccer team or boys soccer team. Premier International Tours will select the most suitable soccer opponents for friendly soccer matches. We will also arrange your soccer tournament participation and soccer clinics and soccer camps (with training matches) at levels that match your girls soccer team or boys soccer team(s).


Sight-seeing and Excursions on your Soccer Tour


Premier International Tours will prepare a custom-designed program for each soccer tour and soccer travel destinations. Admission fees for certain tourist attractions are not included. We offer numerous cultural travel recommendations and can book special requests for your soccer team. 


Soccer Travel Assistance


At each soccer tour and soccer travel destination you will be hosted by a local, bilingual Premier International Tours soccer tour representative, to ensure that your soccer team will fully enjoy its stay. At summer soccer tournaments, Premier International Tours has a special office with a full staff to assist you.

Accommodation for your soccer team


Premier International Tours selects accommodations with great care at each of our soccer travel destinations. Each location has been checked by our soccer tours staff. Most accommodations have been used for many years with great satisfaction by other soccer teams. The choice of accommodations in our international soccer travel destinations depends on the budget of each soccer team. We offer many lodging possibilities, including school dorms, budget hotels, business-class hotels, youth hostels and sports centers. Meal arrangements are usually half board (breakfast and dinner each day). At soccer clinics, full board is offered for the soccer tour.


Note: the participant price indications in the soccer tour and soccer travel examples are based on budget accommodations such as school and youth hostels. Upgraded accommodations are available at each soccer tour and soccer travel destination at a surcharge.


Ground Transportation – private team bus


Transportation within Europe and South America is by motor coach equipped for long distance soccer travel - the most convenient way to transport your team while on a soccer tour. All have reclining seats, refrigerators for drinks, and stereo systems. The bus will be at the soccer team’s service from arrival until departure from their international soccer travel destination, there are some exceptions during summer soccer tournaments and soccer travel in South America where the team bus is available for transfers only.


Round-trip Airfare

We have secured special bargains with major airlines for intercontinental flights. For the soccer tour examples presented in this brochure, intercontinental air fare from New York is included. Airport taxes and fuel surcharges are not included.


Free Trip

One free place is given with 19 paying persons on a soccer tour, with a minimum of one per soccer team.

Soccer Tour and Soccer Travel Options


  • Upgraded accommodation arrangements for soccer players and fans

  • Full board (3 meals a day) meal arrangement

  • Air-conditioned buses

  • Full time bus during a soccer tournament or while visiting a soccer travel destination in Europe, South America (Brazil or Argentina) or Trinidad & Tobago

  • Professional guide service

  • Departure from 90 other North American gateways


Price indications on the website are calculated with great care and are based on the exchange rate of the US$ and CAD$ towards the Euro and British Pound. Fluctuations of the exchange rates of all involved currencies can affect the tour costs. In addition to this, Premier International Tours reserves the right to increase the participant prices in case of an increase in airport (security) taxes and/or fuel surcharges for the airlines. All tours are subject to general soccer travel conditions. All information provided on this website as well as in your offer(s) is without any obligation, unless arrangements have been confirmed in writing by the Premier International Tours agent.


All price indications published in this brochure are based on 40 participants per group from New York or Toronto and do not include airport taxes or fuel surcharges. For smaller groups, the price can be adjusted accordingly.

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