Scotland Soccer and Sightseeing

Scotland has qualified for the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Football Championship several times, but has never progressed beyond the first group stage of a finals tournament. The team have achieved some noteworthy results. However, Scotland is home to the 2 most fanatically followed soccer clubs in the world: Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. No tour of Glasgow, its largest city, is complete without visiting Hampden Park, Scotland's national stadium. Then see Ibrox Park (Rangers) and Celtic Park so your travel soccer team can experience firsthand Scottish soccer fever and passion.

Scotland's capital , Edinburgh, is a city of 630,000. It was named after King Edwin, who in the 7th century was the first to build a castle on the rock (Edwin's Burgh). Beautifully situated on seven hills, Edinburgh is the administrative, economic and cultural heart of Scotland. It has both the charm of a small town and the grandeur of a European capital.


The center of Edinburgh is divided in two by the railway and the beautiful Princes Street gardens. On one side of the city center is the Medieval Old Town, with castles and museums; on the other is the 19th-century New Town, featuring beautifully designed houses and shops.

Scotland program highlights and sights:
  • Play games vs. local Scottish teams

  • Sightseeing in Edinburgh and Glasgow

  • Visit stadiums and/or matches of famous pro teams like Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers

Scotland, home of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Robbie Burns and bagpipes, is a diverse country filled with passionate Celtic people. As an old Scots saying has it, 'guid gear comes in sma' bouk' (good things come in small packages). And despite its small size, Scotland certainly has many treasures crammed into its compact territory. There's something for all tastes. For the history buff, few cities compare with Edinburgh and Glasgow; for the hungry, try haggis if you must but don't miss the Aberdeen Angus beef or smoked salmon from Dumfries & Galloway or, for the thirsty, the peerless malt whiskies of the Isle of Islay or Oban await. There is wild mountain scenery of the Highlands & Northern Islands and cold, sparkling seas washing against the Outer Hebrides.


Soccer Clinic Options:

Have your team train extensively with the world's top educated coaches. We offer the option for teams to train with international coaches from Celtic.

Tour Examples 
Tour 8401
Ireland/Dublin and Scotland/Edinburgh-Glasgow


Day 1    Departure from the USA or Canada
Day 2    Arrival Dublin airport, transfer to accommodation
Day 3    Grand Dublin Tour including Trinity College and Christ Church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, evening game
Day 4    Morning optional training, Coast & Castle Tour tour taking in the attractions north Dublin
Day 5    South Coast Tour of coastal towns such as Dun Laoghaire, Killiney and Bray, evening game
Day 6    Transfer to Edinburgh-Glasgow
Day 7    Sightseeing Edinburgh, evening game
Day 8    Morning optional training, day trip to Glasgow and Loch Lomond
Day 9    Day trip to Falkirk and Sterling, evening game
Day 10 Transfer to Glasgow airport, return flight


Participant Prices:
Starting at US$2100 per person March-April departure
Starting at US$2400 per person June-August departure

Tour 8402
Edinburgh-Glasgow/Scotland and England/London 


Day 1      Departure from the USA or Canada
Day 2      Arrival Glasgow airport, transfer to accommodation
Day 3      Sightseeing Edinburgh, evening game
Day 4      Morning optional training, day trip to Glasgow and Loch Lomond
Day 5      Day trip to Falkirk and Sterling, evening game
Day 6      Transfer to London
Day 7      Sightseeing Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle, evening game
Day 8      Morning optional training, sightseeing in London
Day 9      Additional sightseeing London, evening game
Day 10    Transfer to London airport, return flight 


Participant Prices:
Starting at US$2100 per person March-April departure
Starting at US$2500 per person June-August departure

Prices are based on departure from New York, with 40 people traveling and do not include airport taxes or fuel surcharges which are approx. $ 250.00 - $ 350.00 per person. Contact us for a detailed price quote and itinerary. 


Please see the "General Information" tab under the "About Us" section on the website to see other price inclusions.

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