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Gothia Cup Cancún – Cancún, Mexico
December 14-19th 2024

Gothia Cup Cancún is a fairly new international youth football tournament organized by Gothia Cup, the world's largest and most international youth football tournament held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first edition of Gothia Cup Cancún took place in January 2023, while the second edition took place January 3-8, 2024. Host city of the tournament is the famous Mexican beach resort Cancún, a city on the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea. Cancún is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and entertainment. It’s composed of 2 distinct areas: the more traditional downtown area, El Centro, and Zona Hotelera, a long, beachfront strip of high-rise hotels, nightclubs, shops and restaurants.


The tournament is open for girls and boys aged 11-18 years old. All participating teams are accommodated in one of three partner hotels in Cancún: City Express by Marriott, Grand Oasis, and Iberostar Selection. The hotels offer either breakfast only or all-inclusive packages (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The tournament follows a group play format, where teams are divided into groups of four or five teams, playing each other once. The top two teams from each group qualify for the A play-off, while the remaining teams compete in the B play-off. The matches are played under applicable FIFA rules. Gothia Cup Cancún aims to create a meeting place for youth from around the world to increase knowledge and understanding of each other, in line with Gothia Cup's mission.

The tournament is part of the Gothia Cup Family, which also includes the main event in Gothenburg, Sweden. The winner of each age category at Gothia Cup Cancún receives a trophy and medals for each player. The winning team in each category also wins their participation with school accommodation (category A) for 20 persons (players and leaders only) at Gothia Cup 2025 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

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Age categories 2024:

B17 - Boys born 1/1-2007 or later (11-a-side)
B15 - Boys born 1/1-2009 or later (11-a-side)
B14 - Boys born 1/1-2010 or later (11-a-side)
B13 - Boys born 1/1-2011 or later (11-a-side)
B12 - Boys born 1/1-2012 or later (9-a-side)
B11 - Boys born 1/1-2013 or later (7-a-side)
B10 - Boys born 1/1-2014 or later (7-a-side)

G17 - Girls born 1/1-2007 or later (11-a-side)
G15 - Girls born 1/1-2009 or later (11-a-side)


We reserve the right to merge classes if there are not enough teams registered. Tournament offers age dispensations for specific age categories. More information is available upon request.

Sport facilities:

The pitches used for Gothia Cup Cancún are located in beautiful surroundings, with palm trees growing next to the fields. The tournament aims to utilize the best pitches available in the Cancún area.

The main playing field used for the tournament is El Rey.
This venue with 6 pitches, is located in the middle of the jungle and offers a unique experience for players and supporters.


Program highlights and sights:

  • Unique Venues in the Jungle

  • Opening Ceremony

  • Breathtaking beaches and vibrant culture combined with international football

  • International referees

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All Inclusive Tour examples:
Teams can choose from a variety of accommodation options, including budget-friendly City Express by Marriott, standard Grand Oasis Cancún, or premium Iberostar Selection.

All hotels are located right on the beach (except City Express). Tours can be arranged to special prizes by Gothia Cup’s partner in Cancún.


Gothia Cup Cancun website: 

All Inclusive Tour examples 
Tour 5801 Gothia Cup


December 14-19, 2024  
December 14    Departure USA and arrival Cancún. Information meeting at hotel.
December 15    Gothia Cup Cancún. Evening opening ceremony.
December 16    Gothia Cup Cancún.
December 17    Gothia Cup Cancún.
December 18    Gothia Cup Cancún play-offs and finals.
December 19    Return flight


Participant prices:
US$ 1,258.00 per person all-inclusive from Miami

US$ 1,612.00 per person all-inclusive from Chicago

US$ 1,446.00 per person all-inclusive from Los Angeles

Other gateways are available upon request. 

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