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Middlebury College embarked on an international tour to France and Italy

Earlier last month Middlebury College embarked on an international tour to France and Italy. After their arrival they went straight to the fields for a training session. The following evening was their first game in France against ASPTT Nice ending in a 6-0 victory. Middlebury next went up against a strong AS Cannes team for their second game, this game went into penalties after regulation time and Middlebury won 5-4! Their final match was in Italy vs ASD Fortitudo Mozzecane and won 2-0!! Middlebury College went undefeated on their European tour!


Towards the end of their trip the group made an exciting trip to Milan to see the San Siro stadium (home of AC Milan and Inter Milan) and got the opportunity to watch the Italy vs Finland match in Verona, Italy won 2-0. Peter Kim and his team had a fantastic soccer experience, made new friends, and gained appreciation for other cultures. Coach Kim mentioned that local guides can make or break the trip, their guide in France and Italy was knowledgeable about soccer, the language, local customs, history, and everything beyond; it made for an unforgettable travel experience.


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