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Premier international Tours donates money and equipment to special community service projects

Throughout the year Premier international Tours donates money and equipment to special community service projects. Last week we donated with the help of our representative to Futbol Inclusivo Callejero de Argentina - Soccer Street from Argentina. Here is a report from Dario or Argentina rep:

Two weeks ago we met with Daniel Picciani, the Director of FICA (Futbol Inclusivo Callejero de Argentina) and we bought training gear for his organization with the Premier International Tours donation including scrimmage vests, soccer balls, cones, 3 goalie gloves, a ball pump and a first aid kit. Last Saturday at 3pm we met with the staff team of the organization Daniel Picciani, Lautaro Lorences (PE Teacher) and Maxi Sotelo at Parque Dominico in the city of Avellaneda. They gathered 25 kids from ages 6 to 18 from less privileged neighborhoods such as Isla Maciel, Villa Dominico, Barrio Aguero, Wilde and Villa 21 who attend their program every Saturday at their local parks. They introduced us to the youth and we explained about the donation Premier International Tours was doing and that we were very happy to help since their program is a great asset for the community.

When we handed out all the equipment to the kids and we could see on their smiling faces how much they really appreciate it. The FICA staff team was even more excited about all the training materials. They all were absolutely grateful! Later on they started their regular Saturday program with some of their new training material. They began with some soccer drills and warm up movements. Then they explained their FICA methodology: Basically they play a game of soccer but before the match both teams set up together their own rules for that specific match with no referees, just an observer or mediator. Some rules they choose last Saturday were no tackles allowed and throw-ins were a mix of choosing to do it with your hands or with your foot. When the game is over both teams meet up and talk about the game and check if the rules were met and if not they talk why not and try to meet them next week. To finish up the leaders serve snacks donated by McDonald through Racing Solidario.

Basically the idea is to teach the kids values like respect, sportsmanship and honesty through the game we all love! These kids comes from very poor homes even some cases with not enough food and are in constant risk of falling into delinquency and drugs abuse. Therefore having some time to play soccer and other adults as role models show them there is another world outside their everyday reality. Some of their former “players" have become PE teachers and others are helping as leaders of FICA on their own neighborhoods.

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