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The Santa Cuz Breakers had a blast travelling to Europe!

The Santa Cruz Breakers traveled from California to Europe with Premier International Tours to enjoy an eight night tour to Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The group started their trip with four nights in Paris. While in France, they played two friendly games against local clubs. They also had the opportunity to have a clinic at the French Federation. When not playing soccer, sights such as the Louvre, Versailles, and the Women’s World Cup games were visited. After time spent in France, the club traveled north to spend the remaining four nights in the Netherlands. The sport program consisted of three games against two local clubs and the U16 Thailand National Team. The club was also able to take a canal cruise around Amsterdam, visit the home stadium of AFC Ajax, and have a clinic with the Royal Dutch Football Association.

Ashley Edgar and Art Romswinckel of the Santa Cruz Breakers had the following to say about the experience: “Our tour guides – Matt (in Paris) and Rick (in Amsterdam) - were great hosts. Our driver Eric did a great job. Amsterdam was amazing!! The trip to the Dutch Soccer Federation (KNVB) was a highlight of the trip and the staff and coaches at KNVB were incredibly welcoming and again this was something people would not do under normal circumstances. Thank you again for all of your effort and that of your team. We had a great time!”

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