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Highly Successful Youth Soccer Tournaments Bring Players from 22 Countries Together To Compete

The USA has thousands of youth soccer tournaments every year, but only one IberCup USA and Dallas International Girls Cup. With a unique, European opening ceremony with thousands of players and coaches united, sharing their passion for the beautiful game and an amazing number of games ending in PKs — this is very different than the norm.

Read more about the 2018 IberCup USA which took place from March 26-April 1 in Lewisville/TX.

Finals results are

2004 Benfica vs. Sockers FC Chicago 3-0

2005 Atletico Madrid vs. Intercups 4-5

2006 Arsenal FC vs. Oklahoma Energy 3-0

2007 GNK Dynamo Zagreb vs. Dallas Texans Stavroe 1-2

2008 Manchester City vs. Dallas Texans SC Red Estrada 5-0

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