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The DMCV Sharks played at the Gothia Cup in Sweden!

Coach Dustin Hammond just returned from Sweden where he took his 2005 girls soccer team. The Sharks team participated at the Gothia Cup and did very well. The team started in a group with FC Minsk from Belarus, Lørenskog from Norway, and Vaksala SK from Sweden. After the group games the DMCV Sharks advanced to the playoff B bracket and made it all the way to the finals.

After the tour coach Hammond stated: "The Gothia Cup is the chance to be immersed in soccer. One of the biggest criticisms I hear from American coaches is that their players don’t watch the game. At Gothia Cup the game is everywhere. You will play a game, watch a game, and talk about a game every day. Of course it’s another chance to learn how to play the game better but more importantly it reminds everyone WHY we play the game. There is competition, joy, and culture on display at every field. The tournament is exquisitely organized and couldn’t be in a more inviting and hospitable city. Once they get here, participants have very little to worry about logistically and can simply revel in the game. Premier International Tours was the perfect organizer for our trip to Gothia. They took care of all the travel, accommodation, and quite a few smaller details so that we could focus on getting the most out of the experience."

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