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International success for the Dallas Texans

Last month the Dallas Texans took 3 teams to Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The Texans girls participated at the Cup No. 1 in Denmark/Frederikshavn and the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg/Sweden. The 2 boys teams played in the Helsinki Cup in Helsinki/Finland and the Gothia Cup. The 2005 boys won the Helsinki Cup and lost in the Gothia Cup final by a last minute goal of IF Brommapojkarna – a pro club from Sweden.

The 2003 boys won 2 games and lost 3 games in group play; they won the round of 32 game and lost in the round of 16 in Helsinki. At the Gothia Cup they lost 2 games and tied 1 in group play. They went into the “B” group playoffs and won the round of 64, 32, 16, 8, and lost in the semifinals of the Gothia Cup. The girls won 3, and lost in semi-finals game in Denmark finishing in 3rd place in Cup No. 1. They won 8 and lost 1 in the quarter final in Sweden finishing in the Elite 8 out of 118 teams! Congratulations Dallas Texans!

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