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The Albion College Britons women’s soccer team traveled to London and Edinburgh

The Albion College Britons women’s soccer team traveled to London and Edinburgh. The Premier International Tours tour manager Stuart took the teams to all the famous sights such as the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, the London Dungeons, Trafalgar Square, Edinburgh Castle and many more. Games were arranged vs. some of the local top teams Queens Parks Rangers and Hearts F.C.

The Albion Britons coach Eric Scott stated after the tour “I want to thank Premier International Tours for all the effort to help us set this trip up. Everyone, and everything, was awesome for us - wanted to make sure to compliment Stuart (our more than capable tour manager and guide), and Lee and Paul (our drivers). They were incredible companions on the trip, and did a masterful job of maximizing our time in the UK”.

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