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Check out the 2023 Norway Cup!

The Norway Cup is the world’s largest youth soccer tournament with more than 1,700 teams from all over the world gathering in the beautiful city of Oslo. Norway’s capital is a historic city with many museums celebrating Norwegian history and culture, and greenspaces highlighting the country’s natural beauty. Boat trips, shopping, dining, and the geography of the area make it a fantastic travel destination for youth soccer teams. Premier International Tours send some of their well-trained staff members to Norway to support the local Norway Cup staff making sure that all Premier International Tours teams had a great time. This year our staff members Mike and Daniel represented us.

The event kicks off on Saturday with a parade of competing teams leading up to the Opening Ceremony and Concert just outside the main soccer complex. Live singers, musicians, dancers, and light shows make this opening a spectacle to behold and set the stage for an exciting week of competition.

Tournament games take place on fields in and around Oslo – most of them grass fields. Two major soccer complexes are Ekeberg and Valle-Hovin.

Outside of the tournament games, traveling teams will enjoy visiting Oslo’s city center which is home to numerous museums about the country’s history, Nordic tradition, and the escapades of the Vikings. Boat tours of the Fjord paint a picture of the vibrant city and give visitors idea of how the city evolved to become the thriving capital it is today.

All of our teams did quite well this year, playing in the Norway Cup playoffs, and two of them winning their divisions!

Premier International Tours already started with securing the best hotels and best flight options for teams interested in traveling to the Norway Cup in 2024.


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