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Our international soccer teams are having an amazing time abroad!

Several teams took advantage of their winter break and went on some amazing international soccer team tours. Cities visited included London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Rome, Florence, Perugia and more!

Highlights of these trips included seeing pro teams like Arsenal FC, Manchester United, Empoli and Lazio play, several pro team stadium/facility tours, clinics with pro club coaches at national team/federation fields, guided city tours, international academic lectures for school credit, and visits to historic castles, museums, and monuments like the Colosseum, etc. As always, the biggest highlight are the games these U.S. teams played against local international opponents followed by player socials at the hosting clubs’ facilities!

One of the coaches who traveled said, “I want to thank you for organizing such an amazing tour. The year of planning was worth it. The team and parents who joined us enjoyed it so much. Our tour guide was awesome and made everything go so smoothly. We are already looking forward to the next one! Again, thank you so much!”

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