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Paris World Games 2023

One of the most iconic landmarks in Europe is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Imagine playing soccer right underneath the Eiffel Tower. Or being on a boat on the Seine river in the evening as part of the opening ceremony of the Paris World Games and seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up. Yes, this is all possible during the Paris World Games.

The recent Paris World Games had between 10 to 20 teams per age category from various countries (UK, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, China, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Argentina, Oman, Lebanon, Algeria, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, India, Canada, etc.). The tournament takes place in Paris and offers your team, in addition to participating at a unique international soccer tournament, ample time for sightseeing in/around Paris, the City of Lights! In 2023 two of the teams that traveled with Premier International Tours won the tournament!

Both teams were very satisfied, with one of the team coaches commenting: “We played in the Paris World Games and Premier International Tours did a great job with guiding me thro

ugh the whole process. They were quick to answer any questions and provide needed information. PARIS WORLD GAMES was an amazing tournament. To play under the Eiffel Tower was surreal. The Opening Ceremony was a cruise on the Seine River and it was so much fun. Thank you Premier International Tours for a trip we will never forget.”

Premier International Tours is ready to send more teams to Paris in 2024. The 2024 tournament will end just before the Olympics.


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