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The Dana Cup in DENMARK!

Welcome to the 2023 Dana Cup in Denmark!

The Dana Cup is the largest sports event in Denmark, and one of the top ranked youth tournaments in the world. Each summer over 1,200 teams from around 45 nations compete in Hjørring and the surrounding towns of Northern Denmark. This charming area is a unique blend of rolling hills, livestock and farmlands, and coastal towns all in one. Visitors can have a quieter experience like Grenen - Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark where the Baltic and North Seas meet, or they can take the short trip to Aalborg for some shopping and entertainment in the waterfront city. Premier International Tours send some of their well-trained staff members to Denmark to support the local Dana Cup staff making sure that all Premier International Tours teams had a great time. This year our staff members Mike and Daniel represented us.

The heartbeat of the Dana Cup is the Dana Cup center in Park Vendia , which serves as the epicenter during the tournament with an Olympic Village type of atmosphere with more than 15 fields at this complex, numerous food and shopping vendors and Dana Cup’s disco which all participants can attend in the evening. It is like one big soccer party at the Dana Cup center where thousands of youth players all over the world meet, mingle and socialize to share their passion for soccer and make new friends across the globe.

Monday night, all competing teams paraded through the streets of Hjørring until the reach the Nord Energi Arena for the Opening Ceremony. More than 30,000 people attended the exciting event highlighting each nation attending the tournament.

Tournament games took place on fields in and around Hjørring – most of them grass fields. One of the complexes is Hallen Park Vendia, the home of pro club Fortuna Hjørring. Finals take place in the Nord Energi Arena.

Traveling teams enjoy, in addition to the games, sight-seeing options such as visiting Fårup Sommerland, and amusement park to the west of Hjørring, the North Sea Oceanarium, an aquarium located in Hirtshals just north of Hjørring, or taking a day trip to Aalborg and enjoying the waterfront city.

Many of our teams did quite well playing in the Dana Cup playoffs, and two of them even winning their divisions!

Premier International Tours already started with securing the best hotels and best flight options for teams interested in traveling to the Dana Cup in 2024.


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