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The IberCup is currently one of the most important World Youth Soccer Tournaments in the world

The next coming weeks Premier International Tours will post profiles of the tournaments we represent. This week we profile the IberCup which will take place in Cascais and Estoril in Portugal.

Estoril and Cascais are tourists resorts on the Portuguese Riviera. Estoril is famed as a luxury entertainment destination on the Portuguese Riviera, as home of the Casino Estoril. Estoril is one of the most expensive places to live in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula. Cascais is known for its sandy beaches and famous marina. The old town is home to the medieval Nossa Senhora da Luz Fort and the Citadel Palace, a former royal retreat. Both cities are just 15 miles from Portugal’s capital Lisbon.

The IberCup is currently one of the most important World Youth Soccer Tournaments in the world. During the Easter vacation the tournament will take place in Cascais and during the Summer the tournament will be hosted by the city of Estoril. Since the first edition, around 100 countries have been represented in the different IberCup tournaments. Every year, between boys’ and girls’ categories, around 50,000 players participate in a super competitive week with fantastic experiences and unique opportunities to face teams from all continents. IberCup creates the possibility of any interactions both outside and on the field and this makes IberCup recognized as one of the most international youth soccer competitions in the world.

Since the start of the IberCup Premier International Tours has an excellent cooperation with Filipe Rodrigues and his staff. Filipe stated: “Premier International Tours have been working with the IberCup for the past 10 years. All the details from the teams are taking into consideration from their side since we get a confirmation from a team and that makes all the difference on the team's participation. Every year the number of teams that participate through Premier International Tours has been growing and that shows that all the groups had a positive experience in our tournaments. For parents and families making the decision to travel overseas is a great responsibility and trough Premier International Tours, every detail is important so I definitely think that this is a partner that all the groups can trust. Premier International Tours is one of the major IberCup agents".

Many teams have used our services to travel to Portugal. Here is a testimonial of Ryan Simkin of the DMCV Sharks who participated in 2019: “Our DMCV Sharks Andrade team participated this Summer at the IberCup in Estoril/Portugal. Playing teams from various different nations and being part of a truly international event was a great experience. I want to thank Premier International Tours and the IberCup for the amazing experience we had”.


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