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"This was a trip I will never forget. Being able to play soccer against kids all over Europe..."

A soccer team from Chicago recently traveled with Premier International Tours and each player shared their highlight of their experience of international soccer travel on social media. Here are some of the players’ comments.

  • This was a trip I will never forget. Being able to play soccer against kids all over Europe was exciting and taught me a lot about the game itself. Being able to bond with my friends in another country has taught me a lot about how people live in Europe.

  • It was a very fun experience for me. I got to experience a new culture and meet new people. Barcelona was very enjoyable and I was blown away by how large F.C. Barcelona’s stadium was.

  • My favorite part about the trip was the closing ceremony of the tournament we participated at. We watched the under 19 finals and the game was crazy. There was a big crowd and everyone was yelling and cheering. After that we went in the field and met other players from other countries. It was so fun to play against other teams and got to know everyone better. Seeing Camp Nou was one of the coolest things ever.

  • Being in Europe for the past week has been very fun and exciting learning how different groups of people live and how the interact with each other. Learning how much different soccer is in Europe is very cool and more physical. It has brought me many friends that I will never forget about.

  • I had a blast! It was fun to play keeper against some very good international teams. I loved spending time on the beach, touring the local sights, and meeting tons of new people from different cultures.

  • It has been great! Both playing and watching football here has been one of my favorite parts because of how the culture revolves around it. It has been awesome being able to make friends from Italy, Spain, Sweden, etc. all through football. Also great meeting my friend Ivan. It has been a great trip!

  • I had a great time! We got to play and watch some great soccer. The tournament was a great experience. Our day in Barcelona was interesting. We got to see many interesting locations. I have really enjoyed my time in Spain though soccer, food, and the people.

  • This has been a trip that I will never forget and stick with me for the rest of my life. I have met all kinds of people that speak different languages all the while trying some new foods that I wouldn’t have ever thought of trying before. I’ve had a great time.


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