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We are back! Premier International Tours UPDATE!

We are back! March and April have been busy and exciting months for Premier International Tours. In early March, our first post Covid-19 group left for Spain followed by several other groups. These groups were thrilled and could not wait to travel after 2 years of limited or no travel at all. Our groups were able to see FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol games in person again in sold out stadiums. All of the landmarks and sights were open and up and running again and our groups visited sites like the Sagrada Familia, Nou Camp Stadium, Montserrat and many other options. Teams also played exhibition games again vs. local top teams and did well. The Catalan teams were excited to host teams from the USA again at their facilities, and the players from both Spain and the USA relished the chance to socially and culturally connect again with their piers from around the globe, which is what it’s all about! Our staff was challenged by the testing requirements, but, at the end of the day everything worked out well. Here’s a quote from one of the coaches: “We had an amazing tour. The Premier International Tours staff prepared us very well for our tour and our players loved Barcelona.”

During the Easter week we again hosted our signature event, the Dallas International Girls Cup. This year we had more teams participating then ever; 180 teams from 12 states and 5 different countries. Our opening ceremony took place in the CU Texas Trust Theatre with 6,000+ seats. An entertaining show took place with music, video presentations and dance, topped off with an interview with Tracey Kevins, US U20 National Team Coach. The Tournament Champions this year are Dallas Texans 03/04 ECNL, Sting SC Dallas Royal ECNL 05G, Dallas Texans GU16 ECNL, Dallas Texans 07 Girls Academy ECNL, Club Solar SC ECNL 08 GU14, FC Sporting Pre-NPL Pumas 09G, Dallas Texans 10G Dallas, DKSC 11G Badtop, DKSC 12G Esquivel, AlphaForms 13G and DKSC 14G ESQUIVEL.

And we started a fundraising campaign called “Help Ukraine Fundraiser”, an initiative of the Dallas International Girls Cup, the Dallas Texans Soccer Club and Premier International Tours. We’re raising funds to pay for travel of a Ukrainian girls’ soccer team to participate in the 2023 Dallas International Girls Cup. Our goal is to raise $ 20,000.00 to make this happen. We are happy to announce that we are very close to this goal.

Right now, we are busy preparing the international tours for our May and June groups, followed by the many teams traveling this Summer. It is good to be back in the saddle.


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