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The Norway Cup is the biggest international youth soccer tournaments in the world

The next coming weeks Premier International Tours will post profiles of the tournaments we represent. This week we profile the Norway Cup.

The Norway Cup is the biggest international youth soccer tournaments in the world. More than 1750 international youth soccer teams participated in this well-organized international youth soccer tournament, located in the capital of Norway, Oslo. All soccer tournament games will be played on grass soccer fields! This international youth soccer tournament has a rich soccer tradition.

Oslo, the capital of Norway, sits on the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord. It’s known for its green spaces and museums. Many of these are on the Bygdøy Peninsula, including the waterside Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, with Viking ships from the 9th century. The Holmenkollbakken is a ski-jumping hill with panoramic views of the fjord. It also has a ski museum.

One of the biggest clubs in Colorado participated at the Norway Cup and shared with us the following comments: “The entire staff of Premier International Tours worked tirelessly to educate our players and parents about the tour. The trip to the Norway Cup was fantastic and the players grew as athletes, travelers and friends. It was a remarkable way to travel, play soccer and connect to the world." Dayna Ashley-Oehm – Colorado Rush (now Rapids)

Premier International Tours has been sending teams to the Norway Cup for decades. Toril Kristoffersen, the Head of Secretariat at the Norway Cup, shared with us the following: “The Norway Cup has had the great pleasure of cooperating with Loek and his team at Premier International Tours for several years. During this time, they have become some of our most important overseas agents. They are very accurate in their planning, and they make sure that all wishes and questions from the teams are passed on to us. They will readily take advice from us, to make the stay more enjoyable for the teams. Norway Cup hopes to continue the cooperation with Premier International Tours in years to come. We would like to extend invitations to many more American teams. To be in a soccer tournament in our beautiful capitol of Norway, Oslo is an experience of a life time. They make friends from across the world during their stay at the World’s largest Soccer Tournament.


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